Friday, August 20, 2010

A Friend and her Baby, Alisa and Alex

Wow, how time flies! I shot these more than 5 years ago, and never did anything with them. With starting up our wedding photography business, keeping it going and growing and a plethora of other lame excuses, these just sat on my hard drive, untouched. Alisa contacted me the other day, asking what I ever did with them. She might have been prompted by her daughter, Alex, starting kindergarten… Kindergarten… When I shot these, Alex could barely hold her head up. Now, she’s starting school… To take this long to deliver a project is inexcusable, but there it is. That being said, there are a lot of images that I’m rather proud of, and I’d like to share some of them.

This is the first image we took. Off to a pretty good start. Alisa and I worked together a lot as photographer and model, so she knew from the beginning what to do. Alex...well, Alex is a little cutie, just like her mom, but, after all, this is her first time in front of a camera!

Alisa always had this "look" she'd give me, and the camera, when we worked together. A little dip of the head, a little knowing look in her eyes. It was, and is, very effective.
I feel like this one conveys the feeling of peace and tranquility that Alisa felt as a mom.

And that "look" again, this time with a smile. I hope that Alex continues on to be the strong, centered woman that her mother has become.

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  1. Skip, you know I forgot I ever even started this blog and tonight (well this a.m.)I came across it. I have briefly mentioned to you the health issues that I am battling with this spinal stenosis as I am coming close to tho removal of all discs in my neck removed and replaced and then pinned and screwed back in. I fully understand this is minor compared to many tragedies that many face...but I can only say that as the time draws closer it surely is riding heavy on my anxieties and tricks and confuses that of my yesteryear. I am very glad I stumbled across this am I can say that my daughter already possesses many qualities that I wish that I did. The ones that make her curious yet proceed with hesitation and she carries her head high (lol, sometimes too high and she will learn but I believe not by the dumb choices of my own. I am beginning to catch glimpses of her strong self esteem and it is real...not the mask I wore. As a mother...I could never be more proud and it moves me beyond words. She carries the heart of and angel but the personality of a player...yes it is SCARY I KNOW!!!! Sandi says she's just like me....mean sense of humor too...I dunno....I think its just a chick thing. Thank you for such the sweet blog.