Monday, January 24, 2011

Jamie and Nick's "Lil Bean!"

I know it's been a long time since I've been active on this blog, but things have been both in a state of tumult and, frankly, not very interesting. But, last night, I had a beautiful session with an old friend and model, who is expecting her first child in March. A shoot like this is something we've always said we'd do, and I think it came out wonderfully.

She's always had her model "chops," and she's still got 'em!

There's a sense of inner peace that she has that's long been pursued, but, until now, always missing.

She's also always had a quirky sense of style that's both endearing and fun!

Expentant moms always have a beautiful shape that I think reflects the time in their lives.

Jamie and her guy have been referring to their incoming little girl as "Lil Bean," so this was a natural!

You can see the love these two have for each other very easily...

And Nick put up with me being the "artistic photographer" with very good grace!

These two, er, um THREE have a happy life ahead of them, and I wish them all the best!