Friday, June 25, 2010

The First Shadowcatcher Imagery Photo Safari!

Last week, I went out with our lovely and talented Shadowcatcher Assistants on a little photo safari. We all wanted to get a little shooting time in that didn't involve having to do things other people want us to. Also, I wanted to introduce our newest assistant to Canon cameras, since she shoots with Olympus gear. I also wanted to give us all time to just have fun and get better acquainted away from the hustle of weddings and studio shoots. I think we really succeeded in that, and I know we really had fun!

Our newest assistant, Cindy, cradling one of our Canon cameras. She's used to shooting with her Olympus E-510, so this was an opportunity for her to get familiar with the controls and ergonomics of Canon DSLRs. She caught on really quickly, but I expected her to. She's an incredibly talented photographer, even though she's just a relative newbie to photography.

This is another of our assistants, Theresia. We were having fun, getting "Arty" around these roots. Cindy set up this shot, and I just said, "Theresia, over here!" to get this one. Cindy's is much better composed, really.
Theresia is leaving us, temporarily, the end of August, to go to England to complete her Master's in Photography at the University of South Lancastershire. We'll miss her a lot around Shadowcatcher Imagery. She's not only a very talented photographer, but she's become Heather's right hand girl in the studio, for Boudoir and Glamour shoots. But she's promised to come back to us in a year, when she's done with England!

Just a portrait of Cindy, looking regal...

Theresia, languid on a railing.

A shot of Cindy that Theresia set up.

A shot of Theresia getting the shot of Cindy... T is going to hate me for putting this one up, but I couldn't resist! After all, people have to see what we go through to "get the shot," don't they?

Cindy, getting artistic with Theresia. These roots in Balboa Park have endless possibilities!

Gotta check the results!

This is our third assistant, Veronica. She was camera shy all day, I had to sneak this one late in the session. She's also an incredibly talented photographer in her own right, with a degree in Photography from Arizona State. Later, I caught her lying down under that bush with the white flowers, shooting up through one of the blooms with the light behind. Can't wait to see how that one came out...

Last shot of the night, Cindy was nice enough to take a break from being a photographer to act as a model for me, too.
So, all in all, we had a great time, learned some new stuff, and got to know each other a little better. We're going to do more of these little jaunts over the next couple of months, and I'll have some of their work to post, too. So stay tuned!