Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fashion On Broadway!

Recently, I was invited to shoot a fashion show at On Broadway by my friend, Lilli Garcia. It's a little out of the usual for my photography, even though I did shoot Fashion Week in Escondido for Studio 158 the last couple of years. It was a fun night, and I met a couple cool new models...

This is one of the models I made connections with, Yulia. She really knows how to work a runway!

Little bit of a booty shake! Seems to have impressed one guy, anyway!

Yulia, again, workin' those abs!

I don't know this girl's name, but she sure knew where the cameras were!

Yulia again, and another photog. I've worked with Eddie at a couple of weddings, he does video.
All in all, a cool evening and event. I'll probably be doing more of them, in the future...

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