Friday, March 18, 2011

Sometimes, It All Comes Together

I've known both Nikki and Mel for a couple of years, now and I've worked with Mel several times with memorable results. I've been wanting to work with Nikki, but our schedules never seemed to match up, until a couple of weeks ago. I also wanted to do a shoot to submit to a magazine, and both these girls are perfect for the project. So, I got them up to the studio and a fun time was had by all!

We started with some shots around some railroad cars close by, then moved to the outside of a junkyard in the area. The results were just what I wanted, edgy and sexy.
Nikki in those heels, hangin' on!

Got some great backgrounds to these great models!

I love to work with reflections...

Mel just quit smoking, so this one seemed appropriate!

Nikki being a Tough Grrrl!

Then we went back to the studio to work some more. All I can say is "Wow!" The two girls, separately, are great, but together, they really kicked it up a notch. And they pushed each other, and me, to get even better!
Mel lets the camera have it.

Not your usual "headshot," I guess...

Some examples of a new editing technique I've it on, recently. I rather like it...

I think Nikki's a frustrated lead singer! She really liked working with the mike...

Kinda blends into the chair, doesn't she?

A parasol makes such a great accessory!

Mel in Pink, sorta...

It's all in the eyes!

Nikki in Leather

Nikki and Mel, being just a tad sexy!